Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I would LOVE letters

Hey family!
I've missed you guys, but thankfully not too much. The first week or so in the MTC has had a lot of ups and downs. I really like my district, and my companion is really nice. Her name is Hermana West and she´s from Alberta Canada. We actually have a lot of people from around the world represented here- US, Canada, Mozambique, Angola, Portugal. In a few weeks we´re going to get people from Spain and Russia. There aren't a lot of us here, probably no more than 30 people.
Mom, Dad, It´s great to see you are doing well. It sounds like the temple dedication was great!
I´m in a room with the other girls in my district, and we´re getting two more in a few weeks (visa waiters), which will make 6 of us.
So far I've learned a lot of Spanish. My companion and I have taught a lot of discussions in broken Spanish. Some of the lessons have been amazing and some of the lessons have been disastrous. But thankfully, these are just our teachers, not real people.
On Saturdays we get to go to Rotiro Park and try to talk to people. This Saturday was really fun! My companion (we were on splits that day) and I talked to some interesting people. We gave away a few pass-along cards and invited a few people to church. Not sure what will come of it, but one can always hope for the best.
We did meet one older gentleman who, while very Catholic, loves the Mormons and had two Books of Mormon (Book of Mormons?). I shared my favorite scripture with him, Alma 26:16, and as he read it, his eyes teared up a little. He was very nice to us. Although, in a strange twist of events, grabbed me and started kissing my cheek! It was quite a surprise.
Just so y´all know, my P-Day is Thursday, and I would LOVE letters through the rest of the week. PLEASE send me letters.
Hermana Sykes

P.S. Notice that I didn't write home about the food.

Kathleen's MTC Address for "real" mail is:

Hermana Kathleen Sykes
Spain Madrid MTC
Calle de Templo No. 2, planta 4a.

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