Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I LOVE the MTC . . .

Here is the first email from Kathleen at the Spain MTC:

Madre y Padre!!!
I was so happy to see your letter! The MTC is letting me email you to let you know I´m alive. Sorry I couldn´t send a picture with proof of life.
All the missionaries I traveled with are wonderful and I LOVE the MTC employees. They welcomed me with kisses and hugs. The president is just like a father. I´ve only been in Spain a few hours, but   I've gotten to use my French A LOT.
On the plane another sister talked to a girl named Kaitlin who accepted a Book Of Mormon from me. It was AWESOME.
I don´t have a P-day this week, but I´ll be sure to email you next week. Before dad asks, there are 26 missionaries in the MTC and I travelled with 11 sisters and one poor elder.
I LOVE you both so much!

Hermana Sykes

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