Sunday, March 8, 2015

Transfers and Kebabs!

In manner of surprises, we had transfers this week, and some big things happened. Hermana Lema is going to stay in this ward... And I am too. But with different companions. This ward is going to have four sisters and 4 elders if you can believe it!

My new companion is Hermana Griffin. She´s 20 years old and from Michigan. She´s just one transfer behind me so this is going to be an interesting transfer! Wish us luck.

I´m pretty excited to meet the new mission presidents! I love President and Sister Jackson, but I hear the new ones are really great. His wife served a mission too, and it will be awesome to get to know her. I hope Auntie Kate told my least embarrassing stories. ;)

Okay, funny story about kebab. The first time I tried kebab was in Segovia. All the missionaries wanted to have lunch, and the boyfriend of an investigator worked in this restaurant. I ordered kebap and I took a bite, looked into my sandwich to discover that a screw had fallen in! Understandably, the thought of loosing my two front teeth as an adult made me lose my appetite. 

The next time I got kebab I was on an exchange in a neighboring town. My companion, Hermana B, was eating hers and mentioned that she didn´t feel very well. Turns out there were pieces of glass in her kebab. She had to go to the hospital.

The NEXT time we got kebab (my companion convinced me it was okay because there was a big sign in front of the restaurant that said, in effect, that they were safe... It makes you wonder why this kind of sign is actually necessary...) Everything turned out fine... I thought the curse was broken so we went and got kebab with other missionaries the next week... Hermana L found huge pieces of bone in hers. Never again...

We were able to teach a lot this week. We even had eight lessons in one day. We started teaching the mother of a recent convert. She mentioned that she never understood us but she was okay with her daughters attending church with us. After spending the better part of the lesson explaining that we don´t worship Joseph Smith, she explained that she really appreciated what the church has done for her daughters. She feels more unified with them. They want to pray with her now. They are making better decisions in life.

This is one of the great things the message of Jesus Christ brings us. With the Gospel, we can have a family that is unified now, and in eternity. When we follow the principles of Jesus Christ, we can accomplish these things. 

Our mission president has a challenge for all the companionships this month: To have one convert baptism. I want to emphasize the word convert. There is a very distinct difference between conversion and baptism. We must all feel a true conversion before we are baptized. When we feel this conversion, we want to make covenants, or promises, with God so we may be closer to him.

I would appreciate prayers because I truly want to see a conversion this month.

Lots of love,


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